Worship Arts Ministry

There are a multitude of opinions and ideas of what the word "worship" means within the context of the church.  Our prayer is that we draw our understanding of worship from the Scriptures, specifically Romans 12:1-2 (as a primary source).

Worship is life encompassing.  While many think of worship as just the music part of the service, it is much more than that according to the Word.  All we do as believers is an act of worship, no matter what we are doing.  The question to be posed is this...what are we worshipping in our lives based on our actions and words?

Worship arts ministry at Faith is a place for those that are gifted in the area of creative and technical arts and desire to use those gifts to share the gospel.  Check the categories below to see if your gifts would fit our team.  Please contact Pastor Jon if you have any questions.

Areas to Serve

Praise TEam

The praise team is our primary worship leadership team.  This area requires vocal and/or instrumental gifts, as well as a gifting for leadership due to the prominent position we serve on the platform.

TEch Team

Our tech team is as important (and in some cases more important) as our praise team.  This area requires a focus on sound, audio and broadcast.  Attention to detail is the key to success on this team.  It is a true statement that "the best tech teams are the tech teams that you do not realize are there."


Choir is not a weekly part of the worship arts ministry, so if you are schedule restricted this team may work best for you.  Choir can also be a way for you to serve with your musical gifts if the praise team seems too daunting.

Pure Praise...a study for all worship ministry volunteers

Pure Praise is a simple 9 week study on  biblical worship and praise.  As worship volunteers at Faith it our hope and expectation that you will participate in a Pure Praise study group.  The structure of the study is simple: 5 day devotions through a 9 week period with 1 weekly gathering to discuss the week's devotional times.

If you are interested in the study please contact Pastor Jon.