First Impressions Team

Forbes magazine says you have 7 seconds to make a great first impression.  As a church, we desire to show people love and give them a feeling of acceptance when they join us each week.  The key to this for Faith are the volunteers serving on the "front lines" each week.  They are the face and conversation that visitors and members encounter when they arrive, when they need questions answered and when they need someone to talk with in our facility.

If this is an area that you feel particularly gifted in please look at the opportunities a little further down this page.  Please contact Pastor Jon if you have any further questions.

First Impressions Serving Opportunities

Welcome Center

The welcome center is the place we direct anyone that has questions, is looking for a cup of coffee or wants to relax before or after worship.  It is a place to connect with others and help new faces get connected in multiple ways.

Parking Lot Team

Our parking lot team is our "first contact" volunteers team.  We are there to help find parking, give direction to different locations around the campus and be a smiling face to visitors and attenders.  And maybe even hold an umbrella in the rain.


This team is all about helping visitors and attenders find their way around the building.  They not only know their way around the building they can answer questions about different things happening at the church and even assist in getting kids registered with our kids ministry.